Batman (1966) with Brian Augustyn

About This Episode

Continuing our journey through the history of DC Comics on the big screen, we jump 15 years into the future and arrive just as Batmania is taking the world by storm! Batman's appearance on TV in 1966 would change the world for years to come. Our first guest, DC writer and editor Brian Augustyn, was there when Batman premiered in prime time and stood in line to buy tickets for Batman's feature film debut at the end of the first TV season. Learn what it was like to live through Batmania and how the campy Adam West show would define the Caped Crusader for years to come.

After that we have an interview with comics writer Jeff Parker, whose job it was to shepherd the Batman '66 universe into comics for the first time. Jeff wrote the majority of the 30 issues in the series and he tells us some of the challenges in adapting the TV show to the comic book medium.

Time Codes

00:02:35 - Brian Augustyn on the Batman TV show
00:58:00 - Brian Augustyn on the Batman movie
01:39:07 - Jeff Parker on writing the Batman '66 comic book series