• Chris Ayers

    Chris Ayers has hosted 6 episodes.

    Chris Ayers is a visual guy - art director, designer, illustrator and animator who now finds himself in the unlikely position of producing audio.

    He has a love for DC Comics, and he previously co-hosted a podcast called The People v Batman v Superman. He is also the producer/editor of a local podcast called On the Grid, a show about creative and interesting people in Phoenix, AZ.

    He was an extra in the best Batman film, 2008's The Dark Knight, in which he was onscreen for 3.5 seconds and played an evacuee from Gotham City.

    He lives in Phoenix with his wife and four cats.

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  • Dennis Cooper

    Dennis Cooper has hosted 6 episodes.

    Dennis Cooper has been a fan of the DC Universe since watching Super Friends at the age of four. While he began collecting comics with G.I.Joe, he was hand-sold John Byrne’s Man of Steel #1 on his first ever trip to a comic book store. He has been collecting Marvel and DC comics ever since. Over the years, he has amassed a collection of over 20,000 issues.

    Dennis is currently finishing up a Masters degree in Library and Information Science and hopes to find a job which would allow him to combine his love of comics with his love of librarianship. He is processing a collection of over 10,000 mostly Bronze Age comics for the University of Iowa Special Collections. You can follow him at Comic Book Librarian Supreme.

    Dennis was also co-host of the podcast The People v Batman v Superman.

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